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Homes for Sale in Five Points Raleigh NC are within a collection of neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC with a variety of home styles and a wide range of home prices. The prices are based on the specific location in the area, size & layout, and any history it might have had. Five Points was really the first “planned community” outside of Raleigh in the 1920’s. The area provided new, contemporary home styles for that period that you could not find living downtown.

Today, Five Points continues to be Raleigh’s urban hotspot due to its collection of home styles, sense of community and great neighborhood character! Residents also enjoy the close proximity to clubs, unique shops & restaurants and Cameron Village. These elements continue to make the Five Points area very popular with young adults wanting to have one of the best, urban living environments that Raleigh has to offer outside of Historic Oakwood & Boylan Heights! Glenwood Avenue and Whittaker Mill are at the heart of Five Points, and it builds out from there.

The neighborhoods that make up Five Points are: Hayes Barton, Roanoke Park, Vanguard Park, Georgetown & Bloomsbury. Hayes Barton was developed after World War 1 as the more prestigious section of Five Points and the home prices still reflect that. The northern section of Five Points, or, Bloomsbury, is also a nationally designated historic district.

It was originally named after an amusement park that opened in 1912 and then closed. The carousel from Old Bloomsbury Park was moved to Pullen Park in Raleigh and is still in operation today. Bloomsbury is the most desirable section of the Five Points neighborhoods because it provides a wonderful array of 20’s bungalow homes and is walking distance to unique shops & restaurants. Five Points Facts:

  • Early suburban section of town
  • Progressive development of the 1920’s
  • A true sense of community
  • Homes built from 1915-2008
  • Price range = $210-$735,000

Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards