"I owe more than my home is worth, so should I just let the bank take my house?”

staircase.jpgMy response is: "Definitely not if you can avoid it!

OR, can I sell my house as a short sale?

And I say: there is a good chance you can! Let’s work on a plan to put this behind you with as little damage & frustration as possible!

There is no doubt that the Raleigh market downturn has brought big challenges to many homeowners. Values are not what they once were, and the financial institutions know that! This is why they have created large, new divisions for short sale and loan modification!

Foreclosure is one of the most damaging and long lasting hits your credit can take!


Is it worth it to weigh your options!

chris_3.jpgI could bore you with paragraphs of dry information on short sales and foreclosures, but instead, let me simplify it!

Give me a call today at 919-244-0702 to discuss your options, and see if we can figure out a viable solution to either keep you in your home, or, build a plan with your current mortgage institution(s) to get your home sold in our current, market conditions!

The framework of a short sale mostly involves on-going communication with your bank(s) and all parties involved in the transaction. I have created a “short sale” flow system to make the process as efficient as possible. Communication and follow up are EVERYTHING in this process!
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards